Now FIND Your Friends on BANNKA   5 comments

Now FIND Your Friends on BANNKA

Bannka Announcement: For People Who Has Never Used Bannka, Now you will find friends on other networks immediately when you sign in sith third-party social network ID. For People Who Has Alread Been Using Bannka, Now you will find friends when you disconnect your Bannka account with other networks and reconnect.

For English-speaking users, these networks include Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz.

Bannka新特性宣布:对从未用过Bannka的新用户而言,现在你一旦使用第三方身份登录Bannka, 你将立刻发现一些你在这些网络上的朋友。对已经在使用Bannka的用户,请去设置,断开和第三方网络的链接,并且重新连接,你将发现你在这些网络上的朋友。



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5 responses to “Now FIND Your Friends on BANNKA

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  1. 为什么我用手机发送的mail总是无法post到 bannka?
    但是我在电脑 send mail that is ok.

  2. 我从自己的gmail发送图片一直没有问题啊

  3. 在bannka发的大约有接近一半同步不到新浪微博上啊

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